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testing new posts 2 Show
It's amazing to see everyone learn to code despite the initial difficulty. Program or be programmed. 3 Show
Your file is so big, it might be useful but now it is gone 4 Show
The web you seek cannot be located, but countless exists 5 Show
learn to code in rails 8 Show
To eat or not to eat - that's the question 9 Show
The fortress of world of Warcraft from storm wind to pandaria, flows 10 Show
Life isn't simple but it is fun 11 Show
Hobbit hop, wizards vampires and gems 12 Show
Shoutout to the One Month Rails class! 13 Show
test 14 Show
insert your todo here 15 Show
Test 16 Show
test1 17 Show
I am very sick of ruby today 18 Show

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